CSS Talks With Seacoast Bank

CSS provides Home Equity Valuation and Appraisal Management Services to Seacoast’s Consumer Lending division

In this testimonial, we learn how the eVolv product helps Seacoast

What is the eVolv Evaluation product?

valued product


Comparable to a
2055 appraisal

2-4 day
turn time
Group 246 (5)
What benefits do you think the eVolv evaluation product provides you and Seacoast?
Tim Whitney-02 1 (3)
I think it's much more reliable and accurate and we've had a lot more confidence in the values than we did with the previous product. It also saves us more time and we see less impact on the customer.
Group 246 (5)
How has using this product impacted your evaluation costs?
Tim Whitney-02 1 (3)
I don't have any specific statistics, but they're definitely faster and cheaper than the appraisals. And in the last two years, because of the volume, we needed better turn-times.
Group 246 (5)
Why did Seacoast choose to start working with CSS?
Tim Whitney-02 1 (3)
We were a smaller bank with a modest volume that could be handled. But the last two years were crazy and we couldn't handle the volume anymore, so we needed CSS to come in and handle the volume for us. I only know that it was a competitive process and we finally selected CSS.
Group 246 (5)
How would you describe the CSS team members that help support your account?
Tim Whitney-02 1 (3)
They're surprisingly responsive. I'm very happy with our relationship, and in the seven months, we built a really good relationship. We get everything done when we ask for it.
Group 246 (5)
Would you recommend CSS to other organizations like yours?
Tim Whitney-02 1 (3)
Yes, I'm very pleased. I didn't know what I was going to get into when I got here, but I'm very pleased with the service we've received and the quality, and when we've had to recalibrate, we've recalibrated very quickly.

CSS & Seacoast

CSS began working with Seacoast in the fall of 2021. CSS provides valuation services for Seacoast’s Consumer Lending division, including hybrid valuation products and appraisal management services. CSS specifically provides Seacoast with the eVolv evaluation product, a non-appraiser valued product that is compliant with Interagency Guidelines. The eVolv is comparable to a 2055 appraisal, but costs significantly less and has a turn time of 2-4 business days.

Background of Seacoast:

Seacoast Bank is one of the largest community banks headquartered in Florida, with $15B in assets. Seacoast offers a full spectrum of Personal, Business and Commercial banking services. In the past 10 years, Seacoast has expanded rapidly across the state with 15 strategic acquisitions of other banks.