3 Strategies to Great Customer Results!


All businesses must articulate their Value Proposition: What do they offer the marketplace and why should they be chosen over their competitors. At CSS, we know we must deliver to our customers superior results at a fair price. This is true for all of our title and valuation products in each of our service areas:  home equity, first mortgage, and commercial.

At CSS, we do this by converging 3 strategies into one strong outcome for our customers:

  1. We play The Great Game of Business: We engage staff by opening the books and teaching them how to run a sustainable business.  They participate in decision making through bottom up management.  And, they share in the outcome through profit-based bonuses.
  2. We practice the 4 Disciplines of Execution: We focus on top priorities and work to prevent the daily Whirlwind from delaying achievement of those targets. 
  3. We follow the principles of Playing to Win: We work to apply our resources only where they are most likely to produce the desired results.

A more detailed look into each of these strategies emphasizes the benefits and mutually supporting factors:

1. The Great Game of Business:

Know and Teach the Rules of Business – How to run a sustainable business:

  • Share financial results and teach what they mean
  • Insist that all staff engage in producing improved results (bottom-up not top-down management)

Follow the Action & Keep Score:

  • Team targets and minigames
  • Weekly team huddles and company-wide huddle
  • Weekly and Monthly Scorecards – how are we doing versus the targets we set?

Provide a Stake in the Outcome:

  • Participate in Team target setting and decision making
  • Quarterly bonus program

2. Playing to Win!

  • What is our winning aspiration?
  • Where will we play?
  • How will we win?
  • What capabilities must be in place?
  • What management systems are required?

3. The Four Disciplines of Execution:

  • Focus on the Widely Important
  • Act on Lead Measures (the activities that will produce the desired results)
  • Keep a Compelling Scoreboard
  • Create a Cadence of Accountability

In Summary

These three powerful strategies shine a light on several key factors required to consistently produce superior customer results:

  • A highly engaged staff;
  • Focused on accomplishing the most important priorities;
  • Working in markets where they can make a difference;
  • Holding each other accountable for actions and results!

We all are engaged in the daily challenge of exceeding the expectations of our customers.  We hope highlighting and sharing these strategies for producing superior customer results may provide value to you and your organization. 


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