610 Social Media Lender Votes:

Mortgage Lending Trends from Industry Peers

At CSS, we recognize the value of understanding the current landscape in the mortgage lending sector.
Thanks to Austin Owens, our Senior National Account Representative, we’ve been able to gather valuable insights directly from lenders through LinkedIn polls. These polls may not be comprehensive surveys, but they provide a clear picture of what lenders are thinking about today. Here’s what we’ve learned from the feedback of 610 votes on a variety of important questions.

Poll Results

1. How are you trying to finish 2023?

2. What do you use on Home Equity Loans?

3. When it comes to HELOCs, what strength stays competitive?

4. In today's market, what's most important to your organization?

5. Did you see a rise in HELOCS in July?

6. Where does your lending need help?

7. What's most important when selecting a valuation solution or appraisal?

These insights, gathered from a range of professionals in the lending industry, offer a valuable perspective on the current priorities and challenges faced by lenders. At CSS, we’re committed to helping numerous lenders navigate these challenges. By understanding these industry trends, we continue to adapt and provide solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients.
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