Builder and Developer Services

CSS is an expert at supporting the unique title and closing needs of commercial and residential builders and developers.

Benefits of working with us


Timely and Secure Disbursements

Our dedicated construction team manages the draw process in a streamlined, efficient manner, funding the majority of draws in 2 days or less. We provide a dedicated team member to coordinate across owners, builders and lenders to ensure your project continues moving forward as quickly as possible.


Multi-State Coverage

Builders with projects across multiple states often have to work with many different title agencies, creating inefficiencies due to lack of standardization. CSS is licensed in 20 states, providing one consistent and efficient title and closing process on every project across your geographic footprint.


Customized Process and Dedicated Team

We customize our process to fit your specific needs. We assign one centralized team to all of your projects, ensuring that each team member is familiar with your specific requirements.


Construction Expertise

CSS has handled hundreds of residential and complex commercial construction projects, from $150K projects completed in 6 months to $25M projects spanning 3 years. We are experienced in insuring and closing the full spectrum of construction projects across all property types and phases of the construction process.


In-House Legal Support

CSS has three attorneys on staff, offering expedited in-house underwriting and resolution of the most complex issues that may arise during a project in order to avoid potential delays.

Why our clients choose CSS for their commercial construction projects

CSS is very easy to work with and quick to respond to questions. When my clients are working with a bank, I always request CSS as the title company to handle the project funding/disbursements. CSS staff are easy to work with, construction draws are processed without delay, and they make the process very painless.”

Lauren Seckinger

Paul Maurer General Contracting

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