Understanding the Title & Closing Process

We understand that the closing process can be a bit confusing. Our interactive diagram below details each step of the real estate closing process.

Steps to Close

Congratulations and Thank You for Choosing CSS!

We are thrilled to be your guide through this exciting journey. While you are dreaming about how to decorate your master bedroom, we will be searching public records pertaining to your title. After this search, we will produce a document called a Title Commitment. Title insurance is about protection; protecting YOUR HOME, YOUR FAMILY, AND YOURSELF. IT IS ABOUT PREVENTING A MISHAP, or lessening the severity of its impact. We will send this over for your review once it is ready (typically 3-5 days).

Want to learn more?

You can also point buyers and sellers to our Closing Process FAQ page, where they’ll have access to videos that will answer their questions about closings!