What is it Like to Work at Corporate Settlement Solutions?


Work within a team environment where knowledge is freely shared and exchanged.

You will find opportunities to advance your career within a growing business. Our success has come from great people building lasting customer relationships. A professional, healthy environment where you will be rewarded for listening to the customer, finding unique solutions to their business needs, and collaborating with them to implement those solutions.

I truly value my position and the opportunities that you all have provided me during my time here at CSS. The support that I received from CSS has been beyond amazing. CSS is truly a great place to work.


Our Core Values


Exceed Customer Expectations

We strive to provide a superior customer experience by being highly responsive and proactive in our customer communications. We add value by solving customer problems.

Teamwork without Ego

We value collaboration and celebrate our teammates’ success. We treat all fellow employees with respect, and are always willing to lend a helping hand.


Continuous Learning

We believe success requires constant growth and adaptability to change. We are open to learning new skills and taking on new challenges.

Focus on Results

We manage by the numbers on a daily basis. We hold ourselves accountable for achieving targeted results, and share those results transparently with our customers.


Open Book Management

We share our financials with our employees. We coach our employees on how to run our business profitably, and expect them to actively engage in making CSS a successful business.



Corporate Settlement Solutions embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion for all of our employees.

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