Smoother Processes. Improved Experiences.

Eliminating paper from the loan and settlement process streamlines and speeds up each step. That’s something that both lenders and investors can
celebrate! Going digital also greatly reduces costs for lenders. CSS is an early adopter of these technologies. When we considered the added
security, compliance, efficiency, and cost savings that a digital format provides, we wanted to be a leader in offering these transformational solutions to our customers.


3 Steps to Digital Mortgage Success

A paperless digital mortgage process is the future. While CSS offers you the future now, we can understand transforming your mortgage process may take time. This is why we have created a three-step program that will get you started in the right direction while offering immediate benefits.

Joining the eMortgage Revolution

CSS offers a digital mortgage solution that unites eNote, eSignature, eNotary, MERS eRegistration, eDelivery and eVault services to provide a highly efficient, paperless end-to-end eClosings. In addition, documents that need to be notarized can be conveniently eSigned and eNotarized without anyone being required to leave the comfort of home.

Want to learn more about getting started with eMortgages? Check out our demo!


The Benefits of Electronic Mortgages

  • Reduced loan approval time

  • Reduced “application to close” days

  • More than double per-loan profit by reducing origination costs

  • Lowered potential for human paperwork error, especially with
    automated reviews

  • Easier and more efficient integration between parties

  • Increased privacy and security, as protocol meet industry standards
    for data protection

  • Enhanced compliance as all electronic loan documents are easily
    stored and accessed and contain date and time stamps

  • Automatically fulfilled electronic record retention requirements


Introducing the Total eCLOSINGTM

CSS is partnered with industry leader DocMagic to provide you a state-of-the-art full eMortgage solution.

eDocument Library

An array of eDocuments equipt with eSign technology.

SMARTDoc eNote

MISMO Category 1 SMARTDoc eNote

eNotary Technology

Technology ready to roll in every state.

MERS eRegistry

Directly connect with MERS.

Certified eVault

Get secure, long-term and certified storage.

Investor eDelivery

Get an eDelivery channel with an auditable trail.


“Not Ready for eMortgages? How About eClosings?”

Learn more about our eClosing process here.