Transparent Facts & Scannable Reporting

Our reporting puts all key facts and figures up front. There is no buried data or sugar-covered results. We are just as driven to create efficiencies and drive revenue within your business as you are and we strive for continuous improvement so that we can be your solutions partner for many years to come.

As busy real estate professionals ourselves, we understand the need for reporting that is easy-to-comprehend at first glance. Our reports use clear, bold graphics so that you can quickly see your results, comprehend how we are impacting your bottom line as a partnes and move on with your day.


AVM & Photo Condition Report

  • A variety of AVMs are available

  • PCR completed by local licensed real estate professionals

  • Intended to document the current condition of the subject property

  • Minimum of three photographs provided – subject front view, address verification, and street scene

  • Compliant as an Evaluation as defined in the Interagency Appraisal Guidelines

  • Standard pricing for this product is $85

*Standard pricing subject to change.


Property Report Turn-Time

Transparency in performance is a key factor in how we do business at CSS. Our average turn-time on Property Reports will be less than two days. 

We will report to you at month-end our actual performance on your account.


Warranted Property Reports

CSS customers have a choice of three levels of errors & omissions Property Report coverage. Our obligation is to deliver a Property Report that is accurate and correctly recorded. Accuracy is based on current public data regarding the current owner of the property, the legal description of the property, open mortgages, judgments, liens and
encumbrances recorded against the property. 

$20,000 E & O Coverage     

$50,000 E & O Coverage

$500,000 E & O Coverage

Residential Appraisal Reports

Sound appraisals identify the property, appraiser's scope of work and what the report will be used for. Credible appraisals support the opinion of value and comply with Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice and client-specific needs.





Hybrid Appraisal Report

  • Integration of hybrid appraisals into an overall valuation solution allows lenders to gain increased operational efficiencies

  • Reduction in turn-time and cost compared to standard appraisal products

  • Automated review of property characteristics, and lender specific rules, help determine if a hybrid appraisal is best for a specific property within hours instead of days

  • All hybrid appraisal reports are completed by local licensed appraisers

  • Appraisal reports include three comparable sales with a comparables grid

  • A minimum of three photographs are included with each appraisal report – subject front view, address verification, and street scene

  • MLS photographs of all comparable sales chosen by the appraiser are provided

  • Appraisal reports are USPAP compliant

  • Standard pricing for this report is $195

*Standard pricing subject to change.


CSS Validation Report

  • More comprehensive report than Photo & Condition Report

  • Subject property contrasted with data for 3 comparables

  • Comparables ranked and scored versus subject property in easy to read graphics

  • Exterior inspection checklist of property and neighborhood

  • Photos of property, address, and street scene

  • Compliant as an Evaluation as defined in the Interagency Appraisal Guidelines

  • Standard pricing for this product is $160

*Standard pricing subject to change.


Looking for a Different Type of Sample Report?

Contact us today to see various of examples of reporting we provide our customers with.